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Description:       Source Type}   Book Family History} Hancock
Hancock, Thomas.  Bible Protestantism : the mighty struggle now in progress : Romanism considered from a Bible standpoint : the future of political Protestantism and its final triumph over popery / by Thomas Hancock.
  -   Publisher:         Forest, Ontario, Canada : Karr & Bryant, 1895.
  -   Description:     144 pages, 20 cm, includes advertising matter.
  -   ISBN:               0665916558
  -   Classification:  Dewey:  291.1/7 20
  -   AMICUS Nos. 2600819, 27241847, and 13235307
  -   Canadiana:       936003537

A copy of the original publication is held by the National Library of Canada in Ottawa.  Microfiche copies (CIHM no. 91655) are held at 14 Canada libraries — including the libraries at the University of Toronto, University of Calgary, and University of Saskatchewan.  For copy prices and other details search for "Bible Protestantism" at AMICUS - Library and Archives Canada at
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