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A simple description of A&D
 -  More about Family Histories
Key features of A&D
Speed advantages with A&D
 -  How fast does it go?
What you get when you buy A&D      
 -  Demo software
Sample screens
 -  Ancestors Screens 79a, 79b, & 79c
 -  Dual-window mode
 -  Individual Screens 23a, 28b, & 23d
 -  Names index
 -  Quad-window mode
Books/manuals included with A&D
 -  Table of Contents for A&D Volume 1
System requirements for installation of A&D
 -  Specifications
Comparisons of other systems to A&D
 -  Comparison of F.O. 6.0
 -  Comparison of FTM 4.0b
 -  Comparison of PAF 2.31
 -  Comparison of PAF 3.0

Details about GEDCOM import and export
 -  More about GEDCOM export
List of the data fields in A&D
 -  Events, attributes, and facts
 -  Photographs
List of the reports available from A&D
 -  Descendants Report sample
 -  Individual Households Record sample 
 -  Soundex codes
Details about source management with A&D
Benefits of census data processing
 -  More about census recording
And there's more
 -  Date processing
 -  More about dates
 -  Eternal calendar

Order form and prices of A&D        
 -  Upgrades policy
 -  International shipping rates for A&D
Order a free brochure
About Adventures In Ancestry, Inc.
 -  Daniel W. Hancock
 -  Dedication of this web site
 -  Karen L. Hancock                     
 -  Karen and Dan photos
 -  Releases and ship dates              
About this web site
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Readme.Now File                             
 -  Summary of new features            
 -  Changes to your A&D manuals
 -  Error corrections
 -  The small-window problem
 -  Putting A&D data on a web site
 -  OS/2 error message
 -  Installing on a HP 200 LX palmtop
 -  GEDCOM from FTM 4 files

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